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JobsSLP.com is a job search engine strictly for the speech-language pathology and audiology community. We offer employers 2 ways to find a speech-language pathology and audiology professional.

Below is an explanation of our services and our rate structure.

Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology Job Postings | Rates & Pricing

Job postings can be active for 30, 60, or 90 days from the time they are posted.

  • Edit job post at any time
  • Include company logo
  • Large amount of space for job description
  • Add web-links and company website
  • After job post credit is purchased, you have up to a year to post the job.

Job Post Rates:
30 day job post $35.00 each
60 day job post $55.00 each
90 day job post $75.00 each

Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology Candidate Search

We have 77 Job Seekers waiting for you!

Full access to our ever-growing database of speech-language pathology and audiology professionals looking for employment.

  • Contact as many job seekers as you wish
  • Download job seeker resumes (if applicable)
  • Manage the job seekers you are interested in by saving them to your account page

Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology Post Packages

Our packages offer money saving options to utilize both job post and candidate search options.

Package Rates:
30 day job post + 30 day candidate search - $55.00
60 day job post + 60 day candidate search - $110.00
90 day job post + 90 day candidate search - $165.00

5 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $110.00
10 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $175.00
15 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $225.00

JobsSLP.com Search Engine Annual Memberships

If you are posting more than 20 jobs in a year's time, we recommend purchasing one of our cost effective long term packages. These packages include bulk posting and candidate searching, allowing for a cost effective turnkey solution.

For details or to get started contact a live customer service representative today 1-866-785-6271,
Or send us an email Info@JobsSLP.com

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If you have any billing questions, please call 1-866-785-6271

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