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Simple Tips for Acing Your Virtual Job Interview

September 16th, 2020
By: Content Staff

A judge in Miami made national news in April when he reminded lawyers using Zoom to appear virtually before the court that they still had to wear pants. Clearly, some people have become a little too comfortable working from home durin...

Insurers Will Have a Big Say in the Future of Telehealth Services

July 8th, 2020
By: Content Staff

The coronavirus pandemic left many SLPs and other therapists with little choice but to embrace telehealth technology, but just how much of that sticks around after COVID-19 abates is anyone’s guess.

PTs, OTs and speech therap...

Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to Surge in Telemedicine

June 10th, 2020
By: Content Staff

If you believe that more patients should be able to visit with their doctors, physical therapists and speech therapists online or over the phone, then the coronavirus pandemic has bolstered your argument. The problem is that it’s bols...

Tips for Job Hunting During COVID-19

May 13th, 2020
By: Content Staff

More than 20 million Americans lost their job this spring, and a recession seems extremely likely, so is it even worth the time and effort to send out résumés and continue your job search during the coronavirus pandemic? For physical ...

Best Practices for Networking During a Pandemic

April 8th, 2020
By: Content Staff

For physical, occupational and speech-language therapists, networking has long been a key to finding employment and building a client base, but with the coronavirus pandemic raging, group gatherings, eating out and handshakes are stri...

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